Testing equipments

Our testing equipments are divided into eight categories as below:

  • Motor product testing
  • TV product testing
  • Enviromental measuring
  • Electric measuring
  • Power measuring
    Clamp on power hitester
    Power quality analyzer
    PQA-Hiview pro
    Resis tance hitester
    Mohm Hitester
    AC mohm hitester
    Battery hitester
    LCR hitester

    Insulation withstanding
    AC withstanding voltage
    Leak current



  •    Field measuring
       Pencil tester
       Digital tester
       High vol tage insulation
       Digital Mohm
       Earth tester
       Phase detector
       Tacho tester
       Magnetic field tester
  •    Recorders
       Memory Hicorder 
       Memory Hilgger
       Noise Hilogger
  •     Options & peripherals





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